London Steakhouse

My sister in law bought me a voucher on my 30th birthday for a three-course meal at London Steakhouse City, plus a cocktail upon seating.

We visited between Christmas and New Year, when we both had time to indulge ourselves and really enjoy each other's company!

Upon arrival, we were greeted at the door and had our coats hung up, then immediately shown to our table. Our table was big enough for four people so there was plenty of space for all of our food and drinks! We were not rushed at all throughout our visit. We perused the menu, chatting about what we would be ordering. The ambience was relaxed, welcoming and warm.
I chose the vodka based cocktail whilst my husband had the Captain White; with dark rum. Both cocktails were delicious!

I am not a fan of pâté and there were two paste/pâté style dishes for starters, and I didn't want to have beef for an appetiser and main! I decided to try the soup, which was butternut squash with roasted seeds. I loved the soup! It was light, full of taste and not too thick. My husband ordered the beef short ribs, which he enjoyed too. So far, so good!

We ordered a bottle of red wine to accompany our steaks. I ordered my favourite cut of steak - fillet. I opted for the 8oz, cooked as recommended; medium rare. I have tried other cuts of steak plenty of times, and always return to fillet! My husband decided on the 14oz rib-eye. This was huge when it came out! He said it had minimal fat on, which was easy to remove. The fillet was a prefect size and cooked exactly to my request. We had chosen two sides - seasonal vegetables and creamed potatoes (mashed potato). As the waiting staff took our order, my husband then said "I fancy some onion rings too!" So we ended up with three sides! The green beans were quite heavily salted and seasoned with garlic, but were a good accompaniment. The creamed potatoes was smooth, soft and creamy. The star side, though, for the both of us were the onion rings! Wow! I think they are the best onion rings I have ever tasted. Light and crispy and the batter had a doughy taste for me, they were simply delicious!

On to dessert. I ordered an old favourite of mine; sticky toffee pudding whilst my husband chose a refreshing cheesecake. I really enjoyed my pudding, which came with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. The tastes worked very well together. The cheesecake was soft and creamy but with a sharp edge in taste (but not too sharp). We both noted how the starters, sides and desserts were all not too large but the meal was more than enough to satisfy a ravenous appetite.
We were not rushed at any point, and each time we required something, we felt there was someone available to help us.
The voucher I received for my birthday included a cocktail each plus three courses but no sides. We feel it is worth the additional extras to have sides, the steak cut you desire and red wine to accompany.
We would recommend and happily will be returning.
I have included some of the photos we took, and the website if you would like a further look at the London Steakhouse.

Passion Jazz

Butternut Squash Soup

Beef Short Ribs

Mains plus sides

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Vanilla Cheesecake with Mixed Berries


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