My Favourite December Nails

Dear Diary,

Thank you once again for being patient with me. I realise I am not posting regularly at the moment, but thank you for sticking around!

I wanted to share with you some of the nail varnishes I've been loving!

When December hits and we are hurtling at an alarming rate towards Christmas, many of my favoured shades turn as dark as the afternoons...

I've bought a couple of lush new shades this winter, and I also have been using my old favourites for the coldest but most festive season. Below are my picks for Winter/Christmas 2017.

Thigh High and Luxedo

Luxedo by Essie

Thigh High by Essie

Forever Yummy by Essie

Buy Me A Cameo by Essie

Luxedo is a beautiful, deep, dark shade with purple undertones; described on their website as 'deepest plum'. One of my new choices, one I am not regretting! I choose to do two coats which gives me a very strong coverage. This is the darkest nail colour I've ever gone for, and in some lights, it even looks midnight blue/black. I don't know if this is possible, but when I wear this, I feel both sophisticated and edgy. You can see from the photo how smooth this varnish is, it is effortless to apply and has brilliant staying power too! I love it! 

Next up is Thigh High. How gorgeous is this dark red?! '...deep and frosty, bold ruby red' is a pretty appropriate description, thanks Essie! Again, another great varnish that goes on smoothly and stays on! After one coat, I felt it was slightly patchy and translucent in places. Once the second coat is complete, though, the colour is delicious!

An established favourite of mine is the bright and beautiful Forever Yummy, a bold fire-engine red. This colour always feels perfect for the festive season - the bright red is so fitting and Christmassy. Forever Yummy is not just for Christmas though! The striking colour lifts both moods and outfits during the dark months. The application of Forever Yummy is just as seamless as the above two and the colour brings fun to every outfit.

Last, but not least, is Buy Me A Cameo. Amongst the months of darkness (dark mornings, and afternoons, dark outfits and nails) sometimes you just need a break, am I right? This light, sparkly nude gold is perfect for those between red/plum/black days. Shiny and glistening, this is another shade that beautifully suits the festive season (everyone loves a bit of sparkle at this time of year, don't they?!) As this is not a thick varnish, I'd recommend at least two coats, but the application is even and easy, which is such a necessity for me as I paint my nails so regularly! Buy Me A Cameo works so well with different outfit shades, which makes it even more of a nail staple for me!

Thank you for reading! I'd love to hear what your favourite festive varnishes are!


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