Flat Iron, Covent Garden

Dear Diary,

Recently we went to the filming of a TV show that will be airing over Christmas! More about that on the blog soon!

Whilst we were in London, we were spoilt for choice on where and what we could eat. We had to go up early to claim our tickets for the show, and the location was perfect for visiting the beautiful (and rather festive) Covent Garden.

Back in the Spring, we'd enjoyed a meal at Flat Iron. This amazing restaurant does delicious steak for an extremely reasonable price! Plus, free ice cream for dessert! Winner winner! Vegetarians, look away now, this post will not interest you. Since that first visit, we have been looking for the perfect excuse to return, and this was it! Flat Iron used to have a system where you could not pre-book a table, you instead had to turn up and wait. For those of you who know me, this was not great! When I get hungry, I get hangry and need food, like, now! This meant we always felt we had to only visit at obscure times, to avoid a lengthy wait.

We arrived at the steakhouse on Henrietta Street and the lady advised us they didn't currently have a spare table and the wait was around 40 minutes, but that I could leave my mobile number and the restaurant would text when our table was ready! This worked much better for us. We went to a local coffee shop, and I had a rather festive orange flavoured hot chocolate.

Once our table at Flat Iron was free, we were lead downstairs and to the left, where there are rows of tables similar to Wagamama; so you may well be sat alongside total strangers!

Flat Iron has so many must-try aspects and details. The cleaver in place of a steak knife, their creamed spinach is absolute perfection, the popcorn as an appetiser is flavoured with beef dripping, if you've not tried it, you must - I can't describe it but it's so good! The chips, which we share, are very more-ish! Cooked in beef dripping, they are a must-have! The actual steak is melt in the mouth. You know when you are eating a meal and you don't want it to end, so you try to eat slowly to make it last but at the same time you want to eat fast because you're enjoying it so much?! That can't just be me, can it?! Well, this is exactly how I feel when eating at Flat Iron. I can't not mention the fact that there is free ice cream at the end too! Another aspect that makes this restaurant a diamond, and one that should not be over-looked. It was a little too cold for us to take advantage of the free ice cream this time but Flat Iron, we'll see you in 2018!

Below, I've shared some photos of our visit to Covent Garden and Flat Iron.


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