'Tis The Season To Be Berry

Every autumn I develop a weakness for all things red; particularly burgundy, plum and berry shades.

Out go the bright corals, and in come the deep plums. I alter my lipsticks, nail vanish and clothes to fit the new seasons. Coincidentally, out go the salads and in comes hot chocolate too!

I was in need of a new coat for the upcoming chilly season (who am I kidding, I don't need an excuse for something new!) I came across this one in the Oxford Street Dorothy Perkins store, on the way to my delicious birthday afternoon tea (you can read about that day here.)

I need a coat that will cover the the length of my tops; I hate when I pull a cute outfit together, put my chosen jacket on over the top and BAM! Ruined. The bottom of my top is flapping about loosely below the coat. Then comes the question; whose fault is it, the jacket for being too short, or the top for being too long? (Or me for being too fussy about details?!) We all have our hang-ups and pet hates don't we!

I often shop in the Petite section of shops, as I find not only the overall lengths are better for me, but the lengths of the arms too. I am just over 5'1". I hadn't actually seen this coat in any of my local stores, and was immediately drawn to the deep berry colour. My husband (he is such an enabler when it comes to my shopping habits!) encouraged me to try it on. We both love the way the coat sits when on; the fit and flare is very flattering, and it is the perfect length for those cold winter days I'm sure are just around the corner!


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