My 5 Must-Have Autumn Essie Varnishes

I never feel fully dressed without nail varnish. It finishes an outfit off perfectly, and as we change items of our wardrobe and our make-up bags (I talk must-have lipsticks here) in accordance with the seasons; nail varnishes are no different.

Out go the vibrant, sunny colours of yellow, glowing amber and bright orange-red; in with the deep shades of purple; burgundy and plum, tan and and cool, dark nudes.

Flowerista is a fun, flirty warm purple. It is quite a bright shade; definitely not a wall-flower. Essie describe it as a "rich vibrant plum with red undertones". I find this perfect with understated outfits; let the brightness of the nails do the talking with this one! All of the Essie shades I have picked glide on so smoothly and need two coats to really make the colour pop, however, with Flowerista, if you were in a real hurry, you could get away with one coat along with a top coat for added shine and staying power.

Merino Cool, as the name suggests, is a cool colour. Whilst I usually prefer warm colours, this one has undertones of plum, therefore lifts the warmth slightly. It is such a versatile colour; in certain lights it can look slate grey, in others it looks mauve, and cool purple. Essie use the description "sensuous autumn mulberry". I love using this nail varnish when I don't want to wear a bright nail shade, but still want a statement colour that has a strong finish (even after only one coat).

Speaking of statement shades, Bahama Mama is one of my favourites! A deep, warm red-wine shade. Its darkness makes it perfect for the autumn to winter transition, and can be worn all through the colder months (or all year, if you choose!) Essie describe it as "warm rich creamy deep plum"... Basically everything I love in an autumn/winter shade! To maintain the depth in this shade, two coats is best.

Clothing Optional is a neutral, dusty taupe. Described by Essie as "natural... lighter sienna brown". Usually I avoid brown shades (except tan, as it's so versatile) but this shade is a nude autumnal brown. It compliments any outfit perfectly, as it is a warm neutral. I find it makes my nails look long and elegant no matter their length. It is a perfect shade for people who alter their daily colour of outfits drastically; as it is so versatile and easy to wear. I definitely would use at least two coats with this one, as I felt with only one, it could look patchy and too pale in places.

Playing Koi just screams autumn to me! It is a burnt copper shade; daring and bold but fun. It reminds me of the deep, beautiful shades of the leaves littering our roads, parks and gardens at this time of year. It glides on well, and has brilliant staying power (as do all the Essie varnishes here). I prefer two coats, again, as just one can appear slightly patchy and the depth of the colour is lost without a second coat. "Flirtatious orange rust" is how it is defined on the Essie site. This description just conjures autumnal walks through woods, cosy dates with a huge mug of hot chocolate and crisp mornings turning to sunny afternoons.

To get a feel for how the colours look, see below.

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Beautiful, bold Bahama Mama 

Cool, calm Clothing Optional

Playful, positive Playing Koi

All, apart from Clothing Optional (index finger) are one coat, to demonstrate the immediate colour.


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