Hello! Is it me you're looking for?!

Hi everyone!

Some of you may have followed me over from http://kerridiary.blogspot.co.uk/ - the blog I have had since I was a newlywed! That blog saw me through wedding detail reminiscing, honeymoon, buying a new puppy, infertility, pregnancy losses and fashion choices!

I've now decided to branch out into my own domain; to have a fresh new web address and a fresh new look.

I have transferred a few of my most recent blog posts from my previous blog, but will be continuing my blogging journey on here.

This blog is for me to share snippets of my life, my adventures, my thoughts and musings. I have always loved writing, in fact, all through my school years; my teachers would tell my parents "I will be reading Kerri's books in years to come..." Now, I've never actually gotten round to writing a book, but my blog posts act as an outlet for my thoughts. This blog allows me to have a voice, to perhaps even help others. I believe it's important to share your life experiences with others - this can be cathartic for your recovery and can aid them in theirs. I am an avid dog lover - our pet shih-tzu is our precious baby girl and I like nothing more than being snuggled up with her or taking her out on some of our adventures.

I am a shopaholic and adore choosing outfits, new nail varnish and lipstick shades. I have a weakness for new footwear, and, as we know, it is now swiftly moving into boot season over here in the UK.

Another of my passions is food! Food glorious food! Visiting restaurants and trying new recipes, good wine and delicious treats!

I've a few posts in the pipeline, so I'll see you back here soon!

I will be over on Instagram, my handle is @kerridiary feel free to follow me there.


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