Hello Autumn

I have always dreaded the cold winter months. At the very first sign of a chilly breeze, a naked tree and dark mornings; I started counting down the months until BBQ and flip-flop weather again!

I have decided, after the trauma we have experienced over the past year, to instead embrace the coming months and feel thankful for every day.

Despite the colder, darker mornings that make it even harder to get up out of our snug beds, there are actually plenty of things to lembrace and enjoy in the Autumn months. I've put together some positive points of Autumn here...

  • Wardrobe overhaul - A perfect excuse for new clothes! New coat, new boots, new cute slogan jumpers, chic scarves, lipsticks; the potential is endless... Which leads me nicely onto...
  • Layers - It is the time of year when those crisp winds are picking up, the daylight is lazily having more of a lie-in than you are, and the central heating is blaring out fake warmth. There are days when we wake up and the temperature is in single figures, but by lunchtime, the sun has made an appearance and taken the chill from the air. All these combined means layering is imperative. A light-weight blouse layered beneath a blazer, or knitted jumper makes it easy for items to be removed depending on the change in temperature throughout the day. (It also gives us a pretty good excuse to purchase new clothes! Bonus!)
  • Staying on the topic of fashion... It is no longer a necessity to ensure your toe nails are painted to match your manicure! See you next year, peep-toes!
  • "Fall Back" - An important part of Autumn; the clocks go back therefore an extra hour in bed (or an extra hour on your night out!) 
  • The summer flowers may begin to wither, and give way to bare branches... However the beautiful Autumn colours of nature bring a vibrant decoration no matter how grey the sky is. The striking shades of deep orange, bright yellows and burned tans are stunning and the stunning loose leaves make Autumnal walks full of fun.

  • On the subject of nature, you may notice more spiders but, on the bright side; there are less wasps around (for someone who is scared of wasps, this is a big positive for me!)
  • The countdown to Christmas - Whether you love it or you loathe it, before we know it, there will be decorations galore, present buying, Mistletoe hanging, Christmas tree dressing and Christmas songs playing.
  • Comfort food - Out with the salads (sorry waistline) and in with the hearty, warming foods... Shepherds Pie, roast dinners with all the trimmings, soups, chilli, lasagne, homemade shortcrust pies, Sticky Toffee Pudding, apple pie and custard, blackberry crumble... Oh stop, my stomach is rumbling now!

  • Hot drinks - When the outside temperature begins to drop, out go the smoothies, coolers and iced tea, in come warming beverages. Hot chocolate, for me is such a treat, I choose not to have marshmallows or cream as I dislike them but the smooth cocoa taste is just amazing! I find that I drink more tea in the colder months too; I enjoy nothing more than sitting snuggled up with a blanket, our puppy and my laptop on our recliner, sipping from a large mug of steaming tea.

  • Red wine - I like nothing more than a crisp white wine on a hot summer's day, but along with cider and Pimms, it gets relegated as soon as the Autumn breeze sets in... Then, for me it's all about the red wine! I love the rich, smooth intensity of a good red, and it just so happens to compliment many of the hearty hot meals mentioned above!

See, Kerri, Autumn is really not that bad after all!


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