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Giggling Squid

I don't often have Thai cuisine, but I actually really like it. Every time I have Thai food, I say "I must have this more often!" Does anyone else have a particular cuisine or dish they say this about?

The spicy prawn crackers are so more-ish and I love the various flavours famous within Thai food. At Giggling Squid, this was no different! The staff were very attentive but did not rush us through our meal. Our water glasses were filled regularly and the service throughout our meal was very good.

The Giggling Squid, Brentwood lunch menu is not as extensive as the dinner selection but still has multiple options of how to build your Thai meal. There are different meal options, depending on how hungry you are! There are several tapas sets, with a collection of 4 dishes per set. These are a really reasonable price, and a good size for a main meal. I chose the 'Hungry Squid', which had everything I'd want in a Thai dish! My personal favourite was the chicken satay …

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